Friday 2 September 2011

Friday morning

Nearly the end of the last holiday week and there's still loads to do in school, although not a lot of it is essential now, I'm nearly there with the necessary stuff.

Yesterday, DG came into school with me and had a whale of a time playing at being a supply teacher in my class, organising Golden Time and voting in the new School Council reps.  It's almost a shame I'm going to have to do it again, he was so efficient with his imaginary class who, of course, did everything he told them to do without argument.

While he got on with that, I got on with the next biggie which was sorting out the book trolley and the toys.  None of it was dreadful, all of it needed sorting out and reorganising.  It's a lot better in that corner now - just need some cushions for the bench and I can use some old ones of mine until I manage to get to IKEA.
The trouble with all of this is that I keep getting diverted by other stuff - a sign for the loos and which is for boys and girls, for example, which seemed to be a big worry at the end of last term.  Personally I'd have thought it was pretty obvious, but then I'm not five years old.  That led on to other signs - book trolley, have you changed your book today, stories, information, dictionaries and word books, dinner boxes, water bottles . . . all the old signs are now three years old and seriously battered.  Once you've replaced one, all the other need doing too!  As I'm typing, I'm thinking of more that need doing - I have nothing about Barnaby Bear for a start!  And so it goes on.

I'm not going to get much done today either, so emergency measures are in place.  The cupboards can wait but some big things in them can be stored at home - the Christmas tree and the large, empty plastic boxes for a start.  That will free up necessary space for other stuff that is currently out on the tables.  As long as everything is ready for the children, that really is all that matters.

So I have about two hours today in school and after that it's ho for Hyde Hall!  Nice.

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