Wednesday 14 September 2011

Wednesday morning

The nemesia has been lovely this year and just keeps on flowering.  It has such a gorgeous, vanilla fragrance.
Playground duty is now Tuesday (not Monday)
PPA is now Wednesday (not Tuesday)
Therefore - it is computer suite TODAY!

OK, having got that one sorted, it's going to be as good day.  PPA, ICT, Art and then a visit to the library!  I think I've explained before, we are fortunate enough to share our roof with the local library and every Wednesday they open just for the school.  Each class has a slot there once every two weeks, to return and borrow books, look at other books, hear a story and, as they get older, learn library and research skills.  J, the librarian, is also a qualified teacher and the children love her.  It's a fantastic opportunity which works both ways.  The children get interested in borrowing library books, the library targets for book lending are reached very quickly and the danger of closure therefore retreats as it is an obviously used resource, touch children who might never normally set foot inside.  The summer reading project is always very well used as they plug it well before hand with info and come-hithers such as bookmarks and other little freebies.
We're so fortunate to have such a great resource.

Apart from that, the tomatoes are now coming in well.  I picked six yesterday and there will be more today.  If this carries on at the same or accelerating rate, I will have enough to make my first lot of red tomato chutney soon.  Must dig out some likely looking recipes!  I still have apples to use up and I might have a go at apple and orange jam.  L, the lady I barter with (fresh eggs for whatever I have just made) said that the apple and lemon jam is absolutely delicious, which is good news as I had not made that before.  One to do again, definitely.

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