Friday 30 September 2011


. . . and thank goodness it will be the weekend soon.  Because of the cold and a few little upsets, I am feeling ridiculously tired for so early in the school year and am starting to wonder how I can deal with this, given that it will all get a lot more demanding as the term goes on.  I don't think it's age related:  a number of my colleagues are also looking very weary.  One of the things about working in an 'outstanding' school is that there are pressures.  pressures to not only maintain standards but to improve and when you are already giving all you've got, working out how (and where) to improve is not at all an easy matter and can be quite stressful.

From all of this you might have guessed that it is performance management next week.  Targets to review, new targets to set and another thing to add to an already busy weekend as those of us who are team leaders get everything ready.  Oh, the joy!

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