Saturday 10 September 2011


. . . and here I am with a bit of time instead of just setting off for school.  Nice feeling.  Actually, it's been a great week - I like my new class and I hope they like me, they are co-operative, follow instructions well, work together well and generally they have given me a good time.  Of course, there have been a few things which I need to address, including some playground misunderstandings . . .

Willing Little Boy (coming up to me at playtime):  Mrs Clark, P is crying.
Me:  Oh no, why is he crying?
WLB:  Because I hit him.
Me:  (Slightly less kindly).  You did what?  Why?
WLB:  I hit him - he was being naughty so I hit him to stop him.  Is that having Helping Hands, Mrs Clark? 
(We'd talked about having helping hands in PSHE)
Me: Er . . .

Fortunately it all blew over fairly quickly, but  . .  well, I guess that is next week's PSHE lesson sorted.

This is one of my tomato plants.  It's absolutely laden, as you can see, and I would be very frustrated if it got blight now.  So every morning and every night I go out, check them over and remove any leaves that show any thing dodgy.  I actually don't think they're blighted (or do I mean blitten?) at all, but it makes me feel better.  The other two plants are more or less equally laden but all so very, very late to start ripening.  Fingers crossed.

It was extremely windy one day this week.  Playground duty was 'fun'.  When I came home I was greeted by the sight of a couple of cosmos that had obviously given up and gone horizontal.  I left it, meaning to deal with it at the weekend, but it's not dead, it's just sideways.  The flowers are aiming up again.  I guess it will have to go as it's covering other plants but there's a part of me that doesn't want to!  Shame.

And thinking of winds - I must remember to put in some supports for the remaining cosmos before the high winds hit on Sunday/Monday.  It probably wont do much good, but I will try.  I've already strengthened the tomato supports and will move all the smaller pots to somewhere more sheltered.

Here's hoping . . .

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