Wednesday 14 September 2011

And what have you learned today?

Little Girl comes over to me, pats me several time on the arm and then starts talking, completely ignoring the fact that I am working with and talking to another child.

Me: (somewhat irritably because this has happened before) - words to the effect that I'm working with someone, she is not ever to pat me like that again (it's a pet hate, no pun intended there) and she must wait until it is her turn as there are 28 other children in the class . . .  blah, blah . . .

Off goes L G.

Later on:
L G:  Mrs Clark, Mrs . . . oh . . .
and she stops and waits for me to finish what I was saying to someone else before I turn to her.
Me:  Well done, L G, that's really good,  You saw I was busy and you waited politely until I had finished.  I'm very proud of you, give yourself a pat on the back!  (they like pats on the back)  Now, what did you want to say?

Just before the end of school:
Me:  Can you remember what you learned today, L G?
L G:  I learned that I talk too much . . .


I did explain again!

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