Friday 16 September 2011

Friday morning

Incey wincey, taken yesterday morning.
Really Friday.  I'm back to 'hasn't the week gone quickly' which has replaced 'what day is it?' as a recurring phrase.  It always amazes me how very quickly one gets back into the routines and responsibilities of a new school year and 'hasn't the week gone quickly' is a major part of that!

Yesterday was good.  The children and I worked hard, learnt things and generally had a satisfying day, a day when I arrived home in the evening tired but relaxed.  Sometimes, when things go wrong, I worry and brood and generally have a restless, wakeful night.  I think a lot of teachers do.  The saying 'the only person's behaviour I can control is my own' may be very true, but when there's things buzzing around your mind at 200mph, it's not an awful lot of help, I find.

Today is SEN day.  Three meetings.  Eeek!  I will be all talked out by the end of the day!  I'm glad it's the weekend tomorrow and I won't have to talk much at all!

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