Saturday 10 September 2011

Garden update

These came yesterday - the Japanese anemones I ordered last month.  I was too whacked last evening to do anything about them but they must go in today - three round the front and three round the back.   A job for this afternoon.

I thought this was quite cunning.  I have not had much luck with the cut and come again salad leaves but I saw two pots of them in Sainsbury's, greatly reduced but not looking all that bad really.  When I got them home I dug out some compost from my bin, split the contents of the pots and crossed my fingers.  And it's worked well - they are very healthy and sending up new leaves like billy-oh!  Putting them beside the tomatoes means that I don't forget to water them!  And they look nice too.
Thanks, Jackie, for the idea.

On to the strawberries.  As is their wont, they have sent out runners which I have ignored totally up to now.  However, never being one to turn down a freebie, I wondered if they HAVE to be planted while still on the runners or whether I could chop them and plant them.  The latter would be a lot easier.  I think I will have a go and see what happens, unless any of my gentle readers throw their hands up in horror and tell me that's the best way to make them develop triffid tendencies or something equally horrendous!  And yes, that is another strawberry you can see.  I ate one on Thursday (it was so sweet and juicy) and I guess I will eat this one today.

I have to post a few views of flowers, of course.  I am a bit pessimistic about the cosmos surviving if we get the ultra strong winds predicted, but the pansies (below) will survive and they are so pretty.

It's smelling very 'healthy' outside and, because I have the French window open, inside too.  They're obviously muck spread'n' on the field over the road.  Nothing like a whiff of good old country air, that's what I say!

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