Thursday 29 September 2011


Croak, croak, croak.  No, it's not a frog, it's me trying to talk.  To be fair, it comes and goes and it is always worst first thing in the morning but it's quite uncomfortable and frustrating when I need to raise my voice as firstly nothing much comes out and then, if I push it further, it's much too loud and harsh.  Ah, well, nearly the weekend again - two more days, that's all.  And we are now more than half way through the half term too!

What a glorious day it was again yesterday.  Although the mornings and evenings are much cooler, it was warm, sunny and very cheering.  I guess it can't last all that much longer so I'm enjoying while I can, leaving the classroom door and windows wide open to let the fresh warm air in.  We now have extremely efficient double glazed windows and doors and it can get hot in the classroom.  On the other hand, come the winter it is very much appreciated!  Swings and roundabouts, isn't it?  I'd rather have it that way than the way it is over in the demountables - baking hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter.

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