Saturday 10 September 2011

A happy compromise

(see, I'm making up for the very sparse entries over the last week!)

George came round this morning.  We took a close look at the sad clump of horizontal cosmos and noticed that while one stem was pretty smashed, the others are still whole, although looking a bit stressed (I planted several together).  So oh, so carefiully, George cut back the damaged one and also carefully liften the others and tied them to a cane for support.  He then staked up the other clumps, in case this storm hits the south east (unlikely, I gather, but you never know).

And as if that wasn't enough, DD turned up with her squirter thing and some Bordeaux solution and the tomatoes got a good spraying - just in time too - we spotted one titchy patch on a leaf stem (now off and disposed of) but apart from that everything was sound.  I feel a bit more relaxed about them now.  And they've now got the right idea and are ripening fast.  Good-oh!

Finally, my amaryllis has surprised me by flowering in an unusual way.  No long stalk, just a couple of flowers.  I wonder why.

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