Wednesday 28 September 2011


Wasn't yesterday a beautiful day?  Tuesday is my playground duty day - in the morning for the whole school and then in the afternoon for the infant playtime.  It was a little dull in the morning and still damp from the overnight fog, but the afternoon was glorious.  Sunny and warm.  Long may it continue.  The nights are pretty chilly though and I no longer need the bedroom fan on overnight.  I guess it won't be long before I will have to close the window overnight too or risk the heating clicking on.

I had to laugh yesterday.  Mrs X was out in in the playground when she saw a little lad laying into another little lad.  Hurrying up she separated them and said the usual stuff, including 'We mustn't go round hurting people like that.'  Little lad replied 'I didn't hurt any people, I hurt him'.
Goodness knows what species he thinks 'him' is but he was soon put straight!

I didn't pick any tomatoes yesterday, I decided to leave them on the vine for another day.  Today is supposed to be nice and sunny so there should be a good picking this evening, I hope.

Better go and run the bath now, or I will be late.  Have a good day!

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