Tuesday 27 September 2011


It's about 6:15 and I am already tired and wanting to go back to bed.  No, not really, but I've just finished making the batch of mulled wine plum jam and it's far more rush and riot than I am used to in the mornings!  

I had to really.  It was supposed to be made yesterday evening when I brought home the sugar but I was just too tired (really too tired) to cope with jamming then.  So I set to this morning and now I have eight pots plus three and a half mini pots of really rather gorgeous jam.  A bit for me and most for others.  In the end I didn't mull the red wine with the appropriate spices, I used ready mulled wine instead, having seen it in Morrisons.  A lot easier and the mulling spices come through deliciously.

So what with all the other preserves plus the cranberry jam I intend to make nearer the time (because the keeping time is shorter), that's more or less my Christmas gifts sorted out.  Excellent!

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