Monday 26 September 2011


Yesterday never seemed to stop from beginning to end, but it was a good day.  I had DG all day because DD took her Tonk cat to stud and, as the journey might take some time, DG would be happier at home.  As it was, the traffic on the M25 was light for once, the cat settled quickly and she was back early afternoon.

When she brought him over, DD also brought some pickings from the garden/allotment.  After looking at them and at what I had in the fridge, I decided to concoct an 'allotment chutney' recipe, mainly based around vegetables and with a spicy base.  It was fun to do, a bit nail biting because I have always followed recipes before, but I think it worked out OK.  Time alone will tell!  It was abviously the day for experimantation.  I had some nice looking pork ribs for dinner so I slow baked them and then threw together some ingredients to make a sticky sauce to finish them off.  With that we had roasted garden veg (peppers, squash and tomatoes) and it was all very delicious.  Everything got finished anyway - no leftovers for today.  For dessert we had some autumn raspberries that I picked from DDs allotment in the morning.  They were still sunshine warm when we ate them and very delicious they were too.

At last I managed to start the mulled wine plum jam too.  I got as far as cooking the plums in the mulled wine and then found I don't have any jam sugar, so the rest will have to wait for tonight.  It won't hurt and, I suppose, gives the flavours time 'to develop'!

And now the weekend is over and it's back to work again.  The big question is will my voice survive?  Again, time will tell!  Have a good day yourself.

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