Monday 12 September 2011

Monday evening

. . . and I am realising just how sheltered my garden is.  The trees all around are tossing their heads madly from side to side.  The cosmos are waving gently.  The tomatoes, by the house wall, are hardly moving at all.  Hoping those more in the eye of the storm are all safe and that there is minimal harm done.  I've drawn the curtain now and shut out the wind.  It's not yet eight and night is drawing in.  I have a comfortable, cosy, safe feeling . . .

On Facebook, some of us OU oldie parents (oldie OU, not necessarily oldie parents) are 'members' of a private page for parents and the latest thing is to live out of freezer and store cupboard supplies for a week (apart from things like fresh milk, etc).  Today I dug out of my freezer a chicken piece in a very garlicky sauce and some roasties (which were supposed to be for LAST Christmas).  That, with some braised red cabbage, made the most delicious dinner and I'm now feeling very satisfied.  :0)

I have a sort of barter system going on with a colleague.  She gives me fresh eggs from her hens and I give her home made stuff - jam, chutney, etc . . .  Some of the eggs are big and some are - er - not so big.  All are very fresh and I have planned scrambled eggs in for tomorrow brekkie!  Mmmmm.  And that's what she said about the jar of apple and lemon jam I gave her last week.  Isn't it great when everyone is happy?  And isn't it lovely to be able to share skills and interests like this?

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