Saturday 24 September 2011

Saturday morning

Already the weeks are zooming by.  I'm quite glad this week has come to an end - two days of doing different stuff is a rather pleasant thought and already I have been up, had a hot honey and lemon drink (very soothing and comforting) and gone back to bed for another snooze.  There's a pile of tomatoes in the kitchen, more ripening on the plants and I have enough plums to make the mulled wine jam this weekend too.  I have some idea now of my parent helpers this term so I know how many of what I need to have made and ready for the festive giveaway!

I also have a pile of carrots.  I love carrots but there's too many for me to eat so I think carrot cake or carrot muffins are in order here.  I think I have recipes in my recipe folder but, if not, there will be plenty around.  Or maybe carrot fritters or something similar?  We will see.
Because of the pile of tomatoes, it's time to start thinking of making yummy tomato sauce I think.  I feel another recipe hunt coming on.

The soil and manure (in pong tight bags, you will be glad to know) is all still in the car so at some point I need to lug them round to the back and fill the willow deep bed thingy - when I have decided exactly where I want it to go, that is.  There's also bags of bulbs to plant.  I keep saying then need planting and never get round to doing it!  Must get my act together.

Of course, I won't get half of all that done.  I'll probably sleep, read and sleep.  And watch Doctor Who.  But whatever I do, it is the weekend.  Yay!

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