Sunday 4 September 2011

Sunday morning

Fuchsia, taken at Hyde Hall on Friday

Last day.  Plenty to do.  Very sad but there you are!

I had a lovely lunch and afternoon with an OU friend, Sue.  On recommendation from a mutual friend, we went to the Fox and Raven for lunch: it's been ages since I went there and that's a shame because it was jolly good.  It is huge but the tables are not too crowded together so, although it was quite busy it didn't feel busy, our table was by an open French window so it was lovely and fresh and the food, for what it was, was jolly good.  I had battered chicken and chips and the chicken was both crunchy and moist and very delicious.  the chips were just chips, but crisp and fluffy.  No complaints whatsoever.  Sue had warm marinated halloumi salad which had couscous, broad beans, asparagus, roasted beetroot and leaves and which, she said, was absolutely delicious and very generous on the halloumi.  Dessert was grilled pineapple in toffee sauce (for me) and baked caramel tart (for Sue) both with ice cream.  Very satisfying.  Definitely one to bring DD and DG to at some point, and the fact that it is just over the road from Hobbycraft makes it even better!

Then we came home and had a really good natter together, catching up on all sorts of things, over a mug of coffee.  Truly an enjoyable day.

And to cap it all, when I went out to check the tomatoes, I was able to pick seven!  Wow!  Just little ones, a mixture of cherry and mini-plum, but enough to have fried in what comes off the bacon for breakfast.  I just KNEW they would come in properly once I started back to school!

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