Saturday 2 April 2011

Saturday evening

What a lovely day it has been. Warm, sunny, packed with friendship and such a lovely, gentle, pink sunset to finish it all off. Perfect.

It looks as if something has gone really wrong with the formatting in here and I cannot use/create paragraphs unless I post a photo. So be it - the photos may not be relevant, they may be old, but at least they mean my gentle readers are not presented with a solid wodge of text (I sincerely hope)! And a splash of colour never goes amiss, does it?

Handy Andy triumphed again this evening, heating a pizza beautifully without drying it up and making no mess whatsoever. More and more am I convinced that this was a Good Buy. He heated the pizza in the time it would have taken to just pre-heat the oven at considerably more cost.

Lunch was lovely. The OU is based on distance learning and, mostly, that is what it remains, but it's always great to meet up with people I count as friends, even though I have never met them face to face. Sue, Jen and Kevin were lovely, we had a great chat and giggle together and I've had a really super day. Thanks very much, all of you. Let's do it again sometime.

This weekend feels odd. Every weekend at this time in the last goodness knows how many years has either been the beginning of the Easter Holidays or even half way through. This year there's one more week. Strangely, I feel no urgency to get any planning done. That's not good - the children are always happier when the lessons have been well planned, so I need to get my act together tomorrow. However, today has been a day off and it feels wonderful.

Unconnected photo taken in my parents' garden a couple of years ago!

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