Friday 22 April 2011

Friday afternoon

I went shopping. You know how you get that sense of panic when the shops are going to be closed? You know, like that one day over Christmas - or Easter Sunday? Well, Morrisons was fairly buzzing, what with Easter food, barbecue food and getting double because the shop will be shut on Sunday!!

I wanted to get a leg of lamb. I looked on the fresh meat counter. No lamb. Oh, dear. I went to the wrapped meat. Nothing big enough. Double oh dear. So I went back to the meat counter and asked and, from the chill room, the assistant produced a lovely big leg of lamb, just right for us with some left over for hotpot/shepherds pies, etc.
I was going to do fish and oven chips for the other main meal but it's such lovely weather that I got some stuff to barbecue. If the weather turns bad it can be mixed grill instead.
I really think I have enough to see us through now, without worrying about starvation!

Hope you're all having a lovely Easter so far.

Photo: Wallflower at Walton Hall

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