Monday 25 April 2011

Monday midday

. . . just to say that the fridge is now filled to overflowing with cupcakes! All forty or so of them, a couple of which will be consumed when a friend comes round for a cuppa this afternoon. After umming and ahing about the sort of decorations to use, I finished off the sugar paste flowers I made over the weekend and then just piped butter icing on the rest and topped with mini eggs. After all, my birthday was on Easter Sunday. They look nice but were quick to do.

Here's a bit of useless information for you. The last time Easter Sunday was on April 24th was in 1859 and the next time, assuming the way Easter is dated stays the same, will be 2095. So yesterday, for me, was pretty unique.

Photo: Perennial wallflower, now flourishing nicely in the garden!

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