Friday 29 April 2011

Friday morning

It's a bit cold at the moment. I have the back doors open to air the house as I always do in spring, summer and autumn (weather permitting) and I think I'm going to have to close them again soon as the house feels very cold indeed.

So, today! Wall to wall telly, I suspect. It will give me the ideal opportunity to get up to speed with my ironing - I usually iron and watch telly at the same time. There's this wedding happening somewhere, isn't there? That should provide a nice background and I am rather looking forward to the music during the ceremony. Oh, and seeing what The Dress and The Flowers are like, of course.

Apart from that, I have some plants to get into the garden. Last weekend dad dropped off some sunflowers (for the right hand side bed), some delphiniums (blue) for the front, because a bit of height is needed there and some cosmos which can go anywhere there's a space. And then my summer planting is more or less complete. The rosemary cuttings I took last week haven't died yet - in fact, they're not even drooping, so I'm still hoping. Also I have a bit of a nice little bush that is a sort of domed shape with attractive yellow bracts in spring so I need to get that in as well. And everything needs a bit of tidying up. I'm very bad at digging up surplus plants when they've self seeded, etc, and the middle bed just looks a bit messy really. Must get my act together! And I have just remembered, I have an oregano that I must get into the herb area and a couple of lupins too (not in the herb bed though)! I must definitely do some gardening!

Photo: The bush with the yellow thingies. Someone will know what it's called!

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