Tuesday 5 April 2011

Tuesday morning

. . . and I'm off school with this tummy bug that's doing the rounds. I wasn't terribly well over Sunday night with cramps, but went into school because I could (as teachers do). It was OK, more or less, until the afternoon when I started feeling rotten again, to the extent that I went to see the head about coming into school today or not. As supply is easier to get the day before, we made a decision there and then, which I was grateful for really. So here I am, feeling a bit rotten and very guilty (it goes with the job, you see, does guilt).

Further experimentation of Handy Andy's potential is therefore off the cards until my system settles. There's chicken left over from Sunday which will be fine either on its own or with something gentle on the tum, so no need to cook anything else for now. But I'd like to try sausages at some point, and also fish, either in foil/paper, or left open. The chicken didn't dry out at all, so it would be good to see if fish also cooks as well.

Paragraph photo: pretty leaves.

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