Thursday 7 April 2011

Thursday morning

Where did yesterday's entry go? I know I posted one. How very strange - so sorry if you popped in looking for it.

First of all a Handy Andy update: he cooks sausages really well. Lower rack, temperature at 200, under half an hour, beautifully browned all over with just one turning. Must treat myself to a steak at some point and give that a go!

I was back at school yesterday, tired and wobbly but OK really. It turned out to be a very pleasant day, although I got very frustrated with the littlies in maths, where they were just so slow. I suppose that's unfair of me, they're tired, just like me, and would much rather have been playing out in the glorious sunshine.

It was lovely, wasn't it? Warm, sunny and fresh. I was on afternoon play duty and it was so pleasant, several colleagues came out to enjoy the sunshine too. I have read somewhere that they expect it to continue for a few weeks - fingers crossed for that all the way through the Easter break!

In yesterday's blog entry, the one that seems to have taken a wrong turning and got lost in hyperspace, I went on rather about something I've taken on. Recorder Club! Yes, I'm nuts!! However, it was rather satisfying to dig out all my old teaching resources and update them when I started feeling a bit better on Tuesday afternoon.

Actually, I've just had a thought - maybe this missing entry is resting in the 'edit' section, awaiting a final send. When I've sent this, I'll check and see . . . so if it appears you will know what happened!

Unconnected paragraph photo: rather pretty flowers from DDs garden last year.

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