Tuesday 19 April 2011

Tuesday morning and ouch . . .

. . . ouch and triple ouch.

I have no idea what I've done but my back has been killing me! :0) It started on Friday, although I've had minor twinges for ages (age related, I am sure), got worse through Friday, lasted over the weekend (so I was zonked out with pain killers all the time) and now it just hurts on and off so movements have to be gentle and un-sudden!

It could be a lot worse though, so end of moan!

It was interesting to see a little bit of my university campus. It's huge, much bigger than I expected. Being mainly a distance learning institution, I was kind of expecting quite a small place but, while it is undoubtedly a lot smaller than a 'real-life' uni, it's still pretty big, especially when you take into account the lack of student accomodation on site. There are some interesting buildings too - Walton Hall itself is rather nice (from the outside, I have no idea about inside) and the Cedar statue is amazing close up. I've Googled but can't find any information but, from what I remember, a lovely cedar tree on the lawn to the side of Walton Hall was damaged and dying, and it has been carved into a rather impressive statue.

I really only saw a very small part of the campus although, just before we left, Dan and Sue took me on a drive around the outside of the campus and showed me various bits and pieces of interest. I particularly loved the venting pipes that have been arranged over a roof so that they look like a giant's fingers. Very funny! Thanks very much to the two of you for everything.

Photos: The tree carving

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