Wednesday 6 April 2011

Wednesday morning (sent on Thursday)

. . . and it's back to school today. Unfortunately I had something of a wakeful night after sleeping rather a lot yesterday, but it wasn't a poorly awakeness it was just that my brain was too alert really. Being off was a bit of a pain in more than one way. I missed PPA, I missed an assessment meeting, I missed saying goodbye to one of my littlies who won't be back until after Easter. On the other hand, by the afternoon I was feeling a fair bit stronger and was able to get on with some updating of my recorder stuff.

You see, I have done something very silly. I have offered to take over a recorder club! I used to have a number of recorder clubs in the days when I was floating SEN teacher. Though I say it myself, they did pretty well and a number of them also had small group or individual lessons from me. A small number even achieved up to grade 5. It was pretty time consuming as you mnay well imagine and when I went back into class teaching I simply didn't have the time to sustain that level of involvement, so gradually it all died down. However, over the years I had developed quite a lot of teaching materials, using my own common sense and my lovely music software from Braeburn Publishing, Music Publisher 5 (now an old version but it suits me fine). So I spent the afternoon digging out my old stuff which had been archived on CD and updating it. So now I have the first two tuition books renewed, printed and ready for photocopying. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Unconnected photo for paragraphing: a view in Norfolk

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