Thursday 7 April 2011


At some point this week I stubbed my toe. Not an unusual occurence really do I hear you say, gentle reader. However this stub, although I do not recall it, must have been quite a stub, well beyond the usual, because yesterday, when I put on my school shoes (after a day of not wearing any shoes because of being off work, ill), my initial reaction was a huge 'ouch' as the black and blue bruise reacted with the end of my shoe, usually so comfortable (are Hotter shoes ever any less than comfortable?). I had to go to school wearing some old and very battered but much more easy shoes. Today was the same. However, this evening, when I inspected the aforementioned toe, I saw that the black and blue had faded to pinky-red and I could touch it without too much of an an 'ouch' reaction. Maybe tomorrow I can wear the usual, rerasonably smart, not too battered school shoes. Fingers crossed - or do I mean toes? :0)

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