Monday 11 April 2011

Monday morning

Am I rushing around getting stuff ready? Am I arriving at school? Am I going to the school library to collect the Reading Revelry books? Am I getting the smart board ready? Am I chasing up the assembly hymn? Am I rapidly marking the few diaries I didn't get done last week?

No, I am not. It's HOLIDAY (and will be for another fifteen days!) YAYAY!

Today: taking DG to his club, going to B&Q and Wyvale (no, didn't get it done yesterday), rootling in the chest freezer for something to try in Handy Andy (I may be gone some time), deciding what to take to Conference next weekend and making sure it is clean and respectable . . . and maybe sorting out the shed. You never know.

What a lovely sunny day it was yesterday but, actually, despite the sun, none too warm at times. Also, the evenings still get chilly and overnight too. This morning I threw open the French window and within five minutes it was closed again - just a bit too chilly for comfort, although I am sure it will all warm up soon.

It should be a good day.

Photo: taken last June

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