Friday 22 April 2011

Friday morning

Wishing you all a very good Good Friday. The weather looks promising yet again: it's right and cheerful outside although the garden really could do with some rain. It's warm and looks to get warmer as the day goes on.

I'm bustling about getting the house ready for a family get together later on. We're having take away Chinese, which everyone likes, and I must remember to get down to the Chinese takeaway place at lunchtime to put in my order for delivery later on.

I feel I'm still recovering from last weekend. I keep feeling waves of tiredness and the back is preventing me from sleeping at times overnight. It's an awful lot better than it was most of the time but I think the lying still in one position is making it stiffen and then be a bit sore. Never mind, there will be plenty of opportunity to keep moving next week when I'm back at school.

I had lunch out with a friend yesterday and it was great catching up on all the news and views. The food was quite good too - bacon and brie melt with a salad full of variety and flavour - extremely good value, given that it wasn't that expensive - under a tenner for both of us, including drinks (diet pepsis).

Well, better get on, I suppose. The work won't do itself, unfortunately!

Photo: doorway at the side of Walton Hall.

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