Saturday 23 April 2011

Saturday morning

Another bright day promises for today although the nights are April-cool and the baby yellow courgettes need to be tucked in every night still. I'm looking forward to sitting out again today, feet up, unchallenging reading and cold drink within easy reach. Is this what retirement is like, I wonder?

I'm also looking forward to a nice food day. Home boiled gammon ham and salad for lunch and then roast lamb with the trimmings this evening. I know it's all wrong, the lamb should be for tomorrow traditionally, but some of my guests will be leaving tomorrow morning so I gave the choice and lamb today was the result. Tomorrow will be barbecue and, if the weather is bad, indoor barbecue without the barbecue!

I rarely roast a leg of lamb. It's not worth it just for me. So when I can, it's a bit of an unknown quality, not to mention expensive, and I will be googling to get precise instructions. Yes, I know I could just bung it in and take it out again, but I need timings as well. Good old Google, where *would* we be without it, eh?

A friend mentioned a recipe involving bread and butter pudding made with hot cross buns. Sounds good to me so I will google for that too and see what comes up. Wish me luck!

Photo: More from the OUSA Conference.

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