Sunday 10 April 2011

Sunday morning

Sadly, after a great sleep over Friday night/Saturday morning, last night's sleep was not so good. I'm not sure why. Perhaps it was because I stayed up comparatively late watching the Andrew Lloyd-Webber programme on ITV. It's rare for this to happen so maybe the old brain was over active. However, with no school, no planning, no pressures, I can make up for that during the day, if necessary.

I was mortified yesterday. George came to do his hour of gardening and I asked him to mow the front 'lawn' (cough, cough) which really did need doing. Unfortunately, over the winter months the mower has been covered by a load of stuff and had to be dug out! So today I need to take everything out of the shed, give the floor a good sweep over and reorganise the contents so that things are accessible again. I didn't make my trip to the garden centre, so I have that to do as well. Those should keep me occupied for some time and then therer's always R&R.

Photo: taken in a garden

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