Thursday 7 April 2011

Thursday evening

Today has been good. For a start I've been feeling stronger and stronger as the day has progressed. Secondly, the sun has shone brilliantly all day, it's been warm and comfortable and I still have my patio window open to catch the remains of the sunny fragrance. And finally I have indulged in some rump steak and a lamb leg steak to test Handy Andy's capabilities. Sadly, after lunch at the pub over the road to commemorate K's birthday last week, I'm still full up, so the test will have to wait. No - it was not a liquid lunch, what a thought. But the tuna and cheese melt baguette was more than filling and the diet pepsi was very nice too.

So - one more day to go before the end of term. One more day before I can turn my alarm clock off for seventeen days (not that it ever wakes me, but it's a safety net). One more day before I can forget about planning, marking and evaluations for a short time (apart from starting the end of year reports, of course). One more day before my thoughts turn to cupboards that need tidying, spare rooms that need making up and kitchens that need a thorough cleaning. Do you notice the missing chore?

Paragraph photo: some flower photo from last April . . . a bit out of focus but quite pretty.

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