Friday 8 April 2011

Friday evening

. . . and it's the end of term. Really the end . . . phew. OK so I reckon it doesn't REALLY start until Monday but I don't care, I'm celebrating anyway, with a Handy Andy steak and a glass or several of alcoholic grape juice.

It's been an interesting day. First of all K and I were going through some job applications after the head had done the first bit. Then I was invited to the Grand Opening of the Clever Cupcakes Cafe in year 2 (a Mantle of the Expert project) and treated to a cupcake (and very nice it was too!). Then it was more job application stuff. After lunch I had some IEPs to read through and comment on. It was a pretty leisurely process, I have to admit. Everyone seemed to be on go slow, so I reckoned I couldn't do better than to join them!

One really nice thing - my wonderful team had cottoned on that it's my birthday during the holiday so they pre-empted things by giving me a few prezzies and a card signed by all the children. It was lovely!!! Thanks so much L, K and A.

And my alarm clock is officially turned off now. Not that it ever wakes me, but for the next seventeen days there's no way it's going to be on!

Paragraph photo: taken in Somerset last year!

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