Monday 4 April 2011

Monday morning

Five more days before the end of term. We are all hanging on in there now, weary and worn out. Just five days . . .

The Handy Andy roast chicken was most successful. I did 20 mins at 200, then turned it over and did another 20 minutes at 200, then right way up again for about ten minutes, all on the low rack and with the extension ring. It was absolutely delicious and I'm looking forward to chicken salad for my dinner tonight I also had some frozen roasties but found that the high rack wasn't tall enough and wouldn't balance on the chicken safely. So i did them afterwards, turning the heat up and popping the chicken in the oven with the plate, just to stay warm. Definitely one to do again.

Now I need to think what next. I've done ham, I've done chicken. Maybe a lamb leg steak.

Paragraph photo: Roses in the garden.

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