Sunday 24 April 2011

Sunday afternoon

All my lovely family guests have arrived safely home, which is good news. The barbecue was nice too - nothing amazingly lavish or special, but I always love it when DS, DD and DG come round. And now I am on my own, revelling in the warmth and the quietness. The traffic noise is minimal, the barbecues in the gardens either side have calmed down and there is an atmosphere of peace and contentment which does my soul the world of good. It's been warm but not humid like yesterday, and there's a cool freshness in the air that revives the spirit. A perfectly lovely Easter Sunday/birthday. I am utterly content and very grateful.

Photo: a shot of some tulips that L gave me for a birthday pressie. And Dad gave me a tip to stop them from drooping over. You push a pin right through the stem, just under the flower (and then pull it back out again, of course). I was dubious but did so and they're all perfectly upright, even the stems that were drooping before. Amazing!

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