Friday 1 April 2011

Friday evening

. . . and it's not a Chinese and Chat after all. I arrived at school to find so many people saying they couldn't make it for this reason or that, all very valid and understandable and, in a few cases, sad, plus a few others who are quite obviously not well and in no state to enjoy having to turn out this evening - well, I took the decision to postpone the evening until people are feeling better and on top of things again. It is disappointing but these things happen from time to time. The plus side is that I get an early night with the alarm clock turned off. Another plus is that I was going to take the food order to the Take-Away yesterday evening but I was so tired I decided to do it at lunch time today. Phew . . . And the third plus is that the downstairs is reasonably tidy! Good when I am expecting friends for lunch tomorrow.

Right now, Handy Andy is doing his best with a gammon joint. The house is starting to smell decidedly 'hammy', I have christened the extender ring and fingers crossed! I reckon it's going to take a lot longer than boiling, but the texture might be good. We will see.

Walking home today I was very much struck by how green everything is suddenly looking. The trees, the grass, the bushes - all have the gentle verdant tint that raises the spirits and signposts the way to warmer things.

Photo: More spring springing in the garden.

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