Monday 26 December 2022

The poems of Peter and Friends


Once in Dickens' hated city,*
Lived a fearless feline four.
Till one day, to test their brav'ry
Came a knocking on the door
Be it monster, friend or beast
Who will stay to greet our guest?

Won't be I, says Baby Kitten,
Darting headfirst under bed
Peter's braver than his sister
Dons his danger floof instead
Stands his ground, well, for now on
But eyes the place where Lucy's gone

Fred decides a stroll might suit him
Bangs the cat flap as he leaves
Says not scared, just can't be bothered
Not that anyone believes.
And with utmost bravery
Quiet Ava comes to see

Sitting in the hallway shadows,
Bends a most suspicious glance
Friend or foe- who could be leading
Kitties on this merry dance
There is no more need to fear,
Favoured person - Grandma's here!

* Dickens once stated Chelmsford was “the dullest and most stupid place on earth”. It tickles me no end that there is an estate in Chelmsford called Dickens' Place, named, I like to think, entirely out of spite!

(Edit:  It's not actually called that, one of the roads is - all the roads on the estate are named after Dickens characters and books although the actual estate name is something quite different)


You better not shout
You better not bite,
You better not pounce
Or you'll get a fright
Thwappy Paws are coming to town
I'll give out a hiss
Of warning- I'm nice-
You better take heed
Not warning you twice
Thwappy Paws are coming to town
Why are you not sleeping?
You should not be awake,
I know that you're excited but
You're a cat, for goodness sake!
So settle down, squirt,
Give pouncing a rest
You don't want to put
Sister to the test
Thwappy Paws are coming to town
Lucy is the baby kitt-unnnnn
Thwappy Paws are coming to town!!!


Purry night,
Furry night
Ava sleeps
All is right
Rumpled kitty in beautiful pile
Sweet old lady so gentle and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace.
Purry night
Furry night
Fred's all cross, took a bite
Lucy's leaping and Pete's on the prowl
Ava wakes with a hiss and a growl
Someone is needing a thwap
Someone is needing a thwap.
Purry night
Furry night
Matriarch, stop the fight
Hush the kitten with moderate paw
Hard Stare issued and order restored
Ava, keeper of peace
Ava, keeper of peace.

A slightly out of focus Ava

Oh little cats before me
How still I see thee lie
You look so deep in slumber
I know this is a lie
You will not twitch a whisker
Through utterance or cough
But if I shake the Dreamies, you
Will take my hand right off.
All the cats (can you sort them out?)

While Hooman watched her cats by night
All sleeping on the bed
There came a burning quest-i-on
'Now is that Pete or Fred?'
For Pete had grown up big and strong
So different from the start!
That in the lamp light shadows, they
Were hard to tell apart.
Fear not! Said Hooman, for I have
An easy rule of thumb
A Pete, when stroked, will stretch and 'brrrrp'
While Fred will show his tum!
So both blue boys were given pets
And answered happily
A Merry Christmas Pete and Fred
You are so dear to me!

One of them - Peter, I think.

Oh sleep ye lazy kitty cats, let nothing you dismay
And dream of plates of turkey meat to come on Christmas day
We know you don't get fed a lot, you're wasting right away
Oh pining for Christmas turkey joy, turkey meat joy, oh pining for Christmas turkey joy.

Peter again - Beth has lots of photos of Peter!

Away from the strangers
Right under the bed
The sweet baby kitten
Is hiding instead
'I don't like the strangers
I run and I hide
But when they are gone
I'll be out by your side
For I'm the baby kitten
And happy I'll be
When the people are gone
and it's just you and me
So goodbye all the visitors
Send them off, shut the door
And put down lots of turkeys
Because Lucy wants it all'
Oh Lucy, silly kitty
You will just have to share
With your sister and brothers,
there are four who live here!
But you'll have a quiet Christmas
Lots of cuddles from me
And you'll get your plate of turkey
For you are the bay-bee!

Lucy and Beth


  1. They're brilliant and the songs work too! I think your school choir should use one or two for next year's Christmas production.

    1. lol - she's very clever with words, Beth is. xx

  2. What beautiful pussy cats and thoroughly enjoyed the poems! Rachel x

    1. They're lovely and right characters too. Glad you liked the poems. xx

  3. Aww, that's brilliant ... and yes, I sang them :-)

    1. I sang them too - you have to, don't you? xx

  4. They're brilliant and yes, I sang the too! xx

  5. The poems/somgs are delightful and so very creative!!! And---like others--I sang them. That really gives the full effect. Thank you for sharing these. Frances

  6. I have been enjoying these on her FB page. Very good. I look forward to reading the antics of her kitties.

    1. That was me, I posted on my phone, don't know why it said Anonymous lol.