Monday 12 December 2022

Monday: Blogmas day 12

 Good morning, one and all.
The other day I said something to the effect that we never get snow here, I wasn't bothered about any forecasts, etc, etc, etc.


It started around seven in the evening aftyer a very dull afternoon.
Carried on past my bedtime . . .

. . . and looked very lovely when I woke this morning.   

No, it's not loads and loads but it's more than we have had for ages, since the Beast From the East several years ago.

As it had clouded over by lunchtime yesterday, I didn't go out for a walk; it wasn't at all tempting.  I stayed in and was very lazy - I mean restful!  I did some crochet and I got the marzipan onto the cake.  I used ready rolled marzipan, just to give it a go.  It was certainly less hassle to prepare - well, there was no preparation - and there was hardly any left 9over which was great and what I wanted.  However, it wasn't nearly as easy to handle, less flexible than the kind you have kneaded to pliable yourself, and it tore a bit when I unrolled it.  It was OK, the join will be covered by the icing, but I've never had a tear before.
It's now sitting on a board, under an upside down tin awaiting icing which I have scheduled for . . . er . . . checking diary . . . Tuesday.

Today, I was planning to go into town early but no way - they won't have treated pavements consistently and it's nothing urgent, nothing that can't wait.
Therefore the first think I have is circuits at twelve.  I'm perfectly OK now, just a bit of a chesty cough and an annoyingly drippy nose at times but that won't stop me.
I need to just get downstairs into some sort of order because, early evening, Dave and Kay are coming round to finish off the 'making my money work for me' thing.  I expect it will consist of Kay going over her investment plans, Dave asking questions and translating for me and me signing stuff and handing over the money.
And that is today sorted!

Christmas Advent Music

I had a nice choice for you yesterday until YouTube/Blogger/whoever started playing silly sausages and not allowing my links.  No idea why, I've not had this before.  So, from now on, I will try to post the clips but I will also post the live link so you can go to YouTube to listen, if it is necessary.

I've not heard this one before and it started playing as background music.  I thought:  I know that style, it has to be Rutter, and so it was - arranged by him anyway, the melody is an old French tune.  Beautiful.

And here's the live link, in case . . .

The words are in the drop down box below the playing window.


  1. So far in west Wales we've avoided the snow but this mornings frost was very severe - our young westie looked very comical skidding around when I let him out first thing - at least he's got 4 wheel drive!
    Alison in Wales x

    1. We had a very little, very fine snow this morning but no more is forecast, thankfully. xx

  2. I heard this performed live when I went to John Rutter's Christmas Carol concert in the Royal Albert Hall back before Covid was a thing. It's a beautiful piece of music.

    Our snowfall has just started to thaw. We had about the same as you on Sunday and then it froze overnight so there's a lot of ice to contend with now as well. I always think snow is pretty when it first falls but as soon as I've taken a few photos I just want it to disappear!

    Hope you have a good day and a successful visit with Dave and Kay. xx

    1. I really love it - it has everything you want in a Christmas carol, I think.

      It's freezing hard again now so I hope folk are careful. xx

  3. No snow here at all. In fact the ice wasn't as thick today. The chesty cough is a nuisance isn't it. I'll be glad when we all shake it off.

    1. Definitely - it's hanging on well past its sell by date.

      I think the south got the lion's share of the snow this time. It's been a very cold night so count be quite nasty outside right now. Hopefully it will have warmed up before I need to go out. xx

  4. What a lovely carol.

    God bless.

  5. We had literally five minutes of snow and then a fast melt and then straight back to ice, which was now even more treacherous.

    1. All the danger and none of the fun. That is simply Not Fair! xx