Thursday 22 December 2022

Thursday: Blogmas day 22

 Good morning.
Day twenty two - aarrgghh.
Yesterday was quite nice and sunny once the clouds decided to go and play somewhere else.  It looks dry right now but rain is predicted later on.  We will see.

I'm loving these day leading up to Christmas.  Yesterday was the last 'sort of busy' day but, in fact, it was all self indulgent really.

My hair has now been tamed again.  Sharon and I both arrived at Beth's at the same time and, as Beth was having some colour put in, she did half of Beth's while I played with Fred the cat, then she did me and I came home while she finished Beth.

I got a message from Lindsey to say her 12:00 client had cancelled so, if I wanted, I could go early.  That worked perfectly with the cleaners and, as I drove away, they arrived.  I like to keep out of their way and it is so nice to come back to a cleaned home!

I did bed changing, washing, drying and ironing.  Now my bad has my lovely, cosy, red on one side, green on the other tartan duvet cover and pillow cases, all ready for Christmas!  There's no way I changed my sheets on Christmas Eve - why make more work for those days?

And there has been further communication from Naked wines.
They nwt think my box has gone astray as there's no info from the delivery depot so they have packed a new box and sent it off speedy delivery.  They have also popped £15 in my account to which is fair enough, I guess.  It, like the other one did, shows as being at the local depot right now.  We will see.
It is strangely reminiscent of the box of beers affair earlier in the month.  Will I end up with two boxes of wines too?  Time will tell!  Mind you, they're a bigger company so could possibly arrange for a pick up and return.  

However, it's too late for tonight's family party unless I get notification that it's being delivered today very soon so I will be popping over to Morrisons to buy what's needed - no, not needed, wanted - in terms of alcohol first thing at eight o'clock, before the crowds build up.  I really don't want to go later.

This is what I've been making with my Advent calendar yarn.  Not terribly innovative, I know, but all I could think of at the time and I did want to do a bit of whatever each day.
Each mini-skein makes three and a bit granny squares and while I was sorting them out for the photo, I found one little skein I hadn't made up which is why there are 20 piles of three rather than twenty one.
The extra bits I have made into multi coloured squares and the edging I bought separately once I had decided what to make.
It will be the most expensive blanket ever but this calendar is giving me a great deal of joy.

After I've done the shopping, I will be home all day so plenty of time to potter and prepare for this evening when Dave, Anna, Beth and Alex are over.  I'm doing a buffet with pizza and bits and bobs - plus Morrisons wine!  It should all be very pleasant.

(Edit just after nine:  shopping done and I am NOT entering another shop until after the New Year, I sincerely hope.  It wasn't crowded but busy for Morrisons at eight o'clock.)

Today's Christmas music starts with a fun one.  'Jingle Bells', sung by the fantastic Voces 8 . . .

. . . and a previous version of the Kings' Singers giving us 'Es ist ein Ros' Entsprungen'.


  1. Mornin' Joy. I'm sitting in the local library catching up on blog posts. It's a flipping nightmare trying to use the phone to blog so we'll be looking for a good broadband deal in the new year. If I don't get another chance this week can I wish you a very happy Christmas.

    1. Thanks very much, Cherie, you too It must be very frustrating for you. xx

  2. I'm so looking forward to when I can say no more supermarket shopping until 2023!
    Enjoy your cosy evening
    Alison in Wales x

    1. I suspect I can survive pretty much the whole of January apart from fresh veg and dairy. xx

  3. The little granny squares look brilliant, you kept up with the days of wool well, whereas I haven't actually eaten any of my jams yet. I see a tray of multicoloured jam tarts coming up in the New Year.

    It would seem that the universe is telling you that you don't actually need ANY alcohol for Christmas ... you need to tell it otherwise!!

    1. Morrisons to the rescue!! I have plenty - all I need now is for two boxes to arrive and I will be swimming in it! xx

  4. I hope you have a fun evening with your family, Joy! I am recuperating from Covid but doing so much better and looking forward to being all well for Christmas Eve and Day!

    1. Covid can be so nasty and I am very glad you're recovering now. Have a wonderful family Christmas, Debbie. xx

  5. Hope you have a fun evening with the family. Love the little squares you are making with your yarn. Are you going to put them together to make something?

    1. I'm still pondering. I can always make a blanket but I am wondering about some sort of long, sleeveless jacket type thing. I won't do anything quickly though - now I have started the mittens, I have plenty to keep my hands active. xx