Friday 16 December 2022

Friday: Blogmas day 16

 Good morning, one and all.   So sorry this is late.  I had a rough night (tum cramps) and have been slow to start the day.  
It is still so cold outside; -4 at the moment and the lovely sunshine is having no impact whatsoever on the snow.

Yesterday worked out fine.   Chris came over at ten and we had a good old chat over coffee and mince pies.  Then she went and Val arrived and we had a festive lunch of cranberry brie and chicken toasties with crisps and salad followed by - yup, mince pies.

The infant show was just fantastic.  Having a reserved seat, I had a really good view and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Well done, everyone.

Today was supposed to have been the Slimming World group Christmas taster party but I haven't gone.  I'm gutted because I was so looking forward to it and now I have to decide what to do with twenty four little potato blinis that I was going to top with soft cheese/smoked salmon/chutney/etc.  I think they will freeze - I hope so anyway.  I made them yesterday evening, knowing that there wouldn't really be time this morning.
Oh, well.

I've done my bit of tidying up for the cleaners and am going to take the rest of the day easy.  I think the problem was too much fatty stuff yesterday - I munched on some nuts in the evening plus finishing off the brie with some cracker thins. 
Sometimes it is fine and sometimes not having a gall bladder causes a few issues.

Anyway, I'm just feeling rather drained and weary now so that's OK.

Today's Christmas music is 'When a Child is Born' by Johnny Mathis.


  1. So sorry too hear you're not feeling 100% and hope that having a good rest today helps you back to normal. Glad to hear you enjoyed the Infant's Christmas performance and I'm sure all the kids did as well.
    Take care xx

  2. Oh Joy so sorry to hear that you've got a bit of a jippy tummy. but think you've made the right choices and taking it easy sounds like a very good idea. So glad that the infant show went ahead - so much hard work for the teachers and means so much to children and their families. Maybe a good Christmas movie and a bit of self care will help you. Weather here is bright but still showing a minus 4 so the patch that I call a garden looks like Narnia ( my favourite books as a child ) I'm planning to finish off my Christmas shopping today ( if can get there as lots of the roads blocked and very icy as is a rural area ) and if I cant then will improvise . Hope you feel better soon . x x

  3. Sorry your tum has been a bit grumpy and hope it is settling down now. Have a nice easy day and recover.
    The infant show must have been a lovely treat for everybody and well done to everyone involved.

  4. Sorry that you had a rough night with your tum, hope you feel well again soon.
    Alison in Wales x

  5. Too much affects me in the same way but it is hard to resist!Barbara

  6. Sorry to hear that you had a bad night but I am really pleased that you enjoyed the nativity yesterday. As you take it easy today I am sure the memory of it will put a smile on your face. Thank you for your choice of music today. Johnny Mathis is one of my favourites along with this Christmas song.
    Thank you Joy and God bless.
    Suze x

  7. Oh Joy. That's such a shame you missed the party. Hope your tummy has settled down by now.

  8. Feel better soon…love this song.

  9. Your body is telling you to take things easy. Have a restful day and hope you are back to normal soon.

  10. Thanks very much. All well now. :-)