Tuesday 27 December 2022

Wednesday, 28-12-22

 Good morning, everyone!    Sorry this is later than usual - I got working in the kitchen and time flew!

Yesterday was just one of those days.  I had slept badly, woken early and what with this and that plus losing my blog post and then publishing the start of today's by mistake (I've left Sue's comment there), by late morning I had crashed out and spent the rest of the day mostly snoozing, even while watching things I was interested in.

To my surprise, I slept like a log and woke at seven thirty (so late for me), feeling so much better again.  Phew.

I was hoping that an ex pupil and mum would come round for coffee this morning, but he has woken with a nasty cough and very sore throat so they have cancelled.   I have mixed feelings.  Obviously they were absolutely right to cancel;  he's not up to it and I don't want yet another cold.  It's very disappointing though as I was looking forward to a good catch up chat with them both.
We will reschedule.

It's a day for cancellations.   Chris and I had planned to have lunch out tomorrow but that's been put back to next week as Chris and Steve have had to reschedule family things after Chris was unwell last week.  Another disappointment but I totally get why and another couple of days doing just homey stuff is probably just what I need!

Here's today's Twelve Days gift to myself.    Apologies for the slight blurriness - maybe I need to give the lens a bit of a wipe.

I've had some before and it makes a lovely drink - just as it comes, no milk, more like an infusion really.  I have some oranges so maybe I can add a slice of orange for extra yum.

So today has turned out to be another restful, stay-at-home-and-do-very-little kind of day.  I have had fun in the kitchen making some wholewheat pasta leftovers ravioli (I'll let you know!) for dinner tonight and now it is time for breakfast - I know it is a bit late I'm trying to get back into intermittent fasting again after letting it slide over the last few weeks or so.  A 16-8 suits me so well and it had become a habit so I need to work on re-establishing it.

Seeing as I fell asleep during Mary Popping (recorded from over Christmas), I need to rewind it and finish it off.  The last bit I remember was 'Spoonful of Sugar' so I didn't get very far into it, did I?  There's reading and knitting, as usual, and one of my gifts was an insulated coffee mug to go with my machine and it's brilliant, so I will be able to sip it long and slow without needing to reheat it several times.  Goodness, the luxury!

I was planning to do a leaflet drop for Jen (SW leaflets) up and down my road and the two avenues off it but it is absolutely pouring with rain today so this will have to wait.  Maybe tomorrow?

Are you finding this week is a bit of a nothing week between two celebrations too or are you buzzing around and keeping busy?  
Have a lovely day, however you are spending it.  Stay warm and dry and be happy!  xx


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    1. LOL and ooops!! See you here again tomorrow!! xx

  2. Haha ... here I am again!!

    Hasn't there been a lot of unwell people around over the last month. At a time of year when there is usually just sniffles and colds it seems to be so much more serious infections and illness this year. I'm glad I have no need to go to shops for a while.

    I fell fast asleep while watching Death in Paradise last night, luckily it was a recording so I can go back and try and find where I got up to before I started snoring and adding my own sound effects to the island.

    1. lol - welcome back!!
      People do seem to be feeling these viruses more. I used to be able to shrug off colds with some paracetamol and sucky sweets but the two I had before Christmas knocked me for six. It might be age but I suspect it is that resistance was lowered after not getting a cold for a few years.

      I'm glad to be keeping myself to myself for a while too. xx


  3. I agree with you. I think people's resistance is low after the isolation of the lockdowns etc. I know my friends and family have struggled to shrug of colds and I'm fairly sure that a couple are suffering from long covid even though that hasn't been medically confirmed. Disappointments and the need to change plans now features more regularly in our lives and, in my own little world is becoming so frequent that I'm trying to keep a back up plan in mind so I have something nice to do when plans fall through and I find myself alone.

    I'm having a relaxing day at home, watching Moana and later will choose another book to read, and in between am brainstorming all the things I want to achieve in 2023. xx

    1. That last sounds very interesting and I* really look forward to reading about it all in your lovely blog.
      I think that those of us who are very content in our own space and with our own company are really very lucky. After a career that surrounded me with people pretty much all the time (albeit lovely little people), the time and opportunity to be on my own, doing my own thing, is priceless.