Tuesday 20 December 2022

Tuesday: Blogmas day 20

 Good morning, lovely people, and welcome to my blog.  What a change in the weather!!  Snuggling in my oodie is now a thing of the past - for a while, anyway - as the temperature has gone up pretty much twenty degrees in a day and a half.
The snow was very pretty and, because it was so, so cold, remained pretty all week but it was dangerous and difficult to walk on and the side roads were very icy and treacherous.  I'm not sorry that has gone.

So yesterday, which would have been difficult in the ice, was busy but a doddle.
I went to M&S and then Aldi early morning (they both open at eight) and did a main shop designed to last me until next Tuesday.  It was pretty busy but I was lucky with checkouts.  There was an empty one in M&S and in Aldi, a new one opened just as I got to the checkout.  

I unpacked and sorted out before having to whizz off to play Santa.  First to Julia's and then to Beth's to pick up, then on to Linda's to drop off her share and pick up, then back to Beth's to drop off hers and finally to Julia's for her pile and then the rest was for me.  It worked too!  I muddled up Beth's and mine from Julia but they were the same thing so it didn't matter one bit.

Then I put away all the shopping I had left out (sorted but not tidied away), tidied up the kitchen and then I drove over to Lindsey's for circuits which was lovely as always.

Then I could rest, so rest I did.  I got a bit of washing done but no ironing so that is this afternoon's main task.

The evening girls' Christmas chat was just lovely.  We nattered away for well over two hours (we used Messenger, not Zoom, so we could) before phones started running out of charge.  I was using my desktop so no problems that way.  We called it a day and decided to have another one (without gifts, obviously) in January.

Yesterday was just a really lovely day.

Today feels equally busy.
It starts with Groove class which is at Lindsey's studio and online this week.  She can have up to seven, plus her, in her studio (insurance requirements, I gather) and there's some who will be with us via Messenger.  Should be good.

Then I am home for a quick breakfast before going round to school for a governor's visit.  It's not a great time for this, being the last day of the Christmas term, but it was the only time J and I were both available so it has to be, even though the chances of observing any meaningful work is minimal.  On the other side, I have always loved the Christmas atmosphere in school.

I have no idea how long that will take but, once done, I will pop over the road to Morrisons to see if I can get a few items I couldn't get yesterday before going home and doing the rest of the day.

I am so enjoying the Advent Calendars, especially the Skein Queen one and the Jacqui Lawson online one.  With the latter, I'm up to date with the gnomes although it took me ages to find Saturday's one.  I'm loving the work maker and the new activity or 'thing' in the house each day.  I think it could be the best one she has ever brought out.
As for the yarn one, I doubt I will ever get one again as it was eye wateringly expensive but the excitement at opening each door and seeing what colour the yarn is - well, it's probably pretty sad but I don't care.  It creates joy!

On to today's Advent music and I am running out of days!  Eeeek.  I'll just do a pick 'n' mix, I think.

I love this first carol.  It's so lilting and the accompaniment, which I played in my salad days, is lovely.  It's the Sussex Carol, sung by guess who/what!!


The other is that gorgeous carol, Silent Night or, in this one, Stille Nacht, arranged by John Rutter.  The score you see in the clip is Rutter's own.  This one is performed by the Kings' Singers



  1. Yes, this years really is the best Jacquie Lawson calendar isn't it, and I agree Saturday's gnome was a little b*gger!! The only trouble is that I'm getting addicted to playing Patience again.

    1. I think it was cheating to put him there. lol
      I'm addicted to the toy game and the word maker.

  2. Your carol picks are definitely getting me in the mood for the holiday.

    God bless.

    1. That's lovely. Me too - I have put them all into a playlist and have it on while I am doing housework. Such a lovely, festive vibe. xx

  3. I love "a capella" male voices. That was beautiful!

    1. So do I and the Kings' Singers are some of the best. Actually, I like all vocal acapella, not just male voices. I think Voces 8 are amazing and, in a different way, Pentatonix. xx

  4. It sounds like a really busy day! Glad you got all the presents sorted between Beth, you, Julia and Linda. Phew - sounds like some running around!

    1. It really was, Sharon, but it was worth every minute it took. Such a lovely online evening with dear friends. I felt blessed. xx