Tuesday 13 December 2022

Tuesday: Blogmas day 13

 Good morning, everyone.  It is so very cold outside right now - Alexa says it is currently minus six round here; even if that's a slight exaggeration, it's still exceedingly cold but oodie and heating are working their much appreciated magic and I'm nice and warm.

Quite a lot happened yesterday
I got another phone call from Potters regarding my weekend break with them at the beginning of February.  It appears that the room the have allocated me won't be available so they have given me a free upgrade.  I have no problems with that although the usual rooms are lovely and I would be perfectly comfortable with that too.  So that was nice.

After a bit of Facebook discussion, Lindsey changed circuits to online delivery.  I would have driven there but it was a relief not to have to  The main roads were fine by then but the side roads generally don't get gritted and, of course, there is a slope up to get out of the cul de sac and that can be a problem when it is slippery.

When circuits was over and I was nice and warm, I grabbed my snow spade and broom and went out the front to do some snow clearing.  Earlier I had made a path from house to shed and, out the front, Steve and his next door neighbour had already been out clearing their front and there was also a clear path up the cul de sac.
My not-so-new neighbours came out to join me and then Steve's neighbour (Can't remember his name, I'll ask Chris when I see her) also came out and between us we sorted out our side.  I produced a bag of my now not needed granular salt and we sprinkled that around too.  Neighbour explained why the slope was clear - it appears he has a friend who works in the gritting department and he asked him if he could come and do our slope, if possible.  So he did.  That was so very nice of the friend and Neighbour will convey all our thanks to him with a nice bottle of something for Christmas.  What a useful person to know!
I left the remaining salt in the bag round the side in case anyone needs any today and my snow spade was much admired - I have to say it did make the job a lot easier.  Another reminder of my lovely Dad - he bought it for me decades ago when he got one for himself.  It doesn't get much use, obviously, but when needed it is grand.

The delayed meeting with Kay took place and now I have almost a brick of paper regarding what Kay is doing with all my money - investments, etc, the rationale behind her choices, etc, etc, etc.  In return, I gave her a cheque and will need to make some online investments as soon as I get the detailed info through.
It's a relied to know it is being put to good use - i.e. earning me some money, and as I don't need any for income, it should do quite nicely, I hope.

Finally, I've been using up the mis-bought yarn - some of it - making a scarf out of granny squares with some other yarn from my stash.  I saw one on the telly and thought:  I like that and it looks dead easy.

It needs a bit of blocking and steaming but I'm really pleased with it and will use it, for sure.  I think there's enough to make a hat using the same colours (but not the same stitch).

On to today and there are three things in the diary.
The first is the Groove class for which I will need to go down to the hall so fingers crossed things aren't too slippery by then.

The second it that it is the Infant Show at school and, as a governor, I have an invite.  Lovely!

Thirdly, it says 'ice cake'.  I'm not sure I mill, I'll see how everything else goes and there's plenty of time still.

I also need to work on a few shopping lists.

I do love a good bit of acapella and I think this is lovely - In The First Light, sung by Glad.  It's quite old now but remains a favourite song.  Those harmonies are absolutely gorgeous!



  1. It's always handy to know a friendly chap in the gritting department!! That music is beautiful.

    1. Very definitely and thank you - there's so much lovely Christmas music, isn't there? xx

  2. You have a nice day planned. We haven't had snow yet which is unusual for where we live. I'm okay with that, however. I like one pretty snow when I don't have to drive and then I'm done for the winter! Be sure to post a pic of your Christmas cake when it is all done, okay?

    1. I will.
      The snow can be very pretty - from inside!! :-) xx

  3. You have a lovely day planned. Hope you enjoyed it.

    God bless.