Wednesday 5 April 2017


Good morning, all.  I've changed the photo at the top to the pansies I potted out the other day.  Once they take hold and start growing, then should look a picture all through the summer.  I love pansies!

Yesterday was amazing.
In the afternoon I drove into town to meet my friend Jackie off the bus.  We went into town to John Lewis and to Lakeland - it's always more fun wandering around with a friend.

In Lakeland I ended up with a new ironing board cover and some foil trays (both needed items) plus a small enamel pie dish which I definitely don't need but did want!  Then it was off to John Lewis where Jackie looked for a TV and found one she really liked.  I saw a little travelling clock which I was sorely tempted by but decided to think about it first, so I am!

In the evening we went to the Civic to watch 'The Verdict' starring Clive Mantle and Jack Shepherd and it was absolutely brilliant, top class drama, gripping, funny, spell-binding stuff, great music, fantastic scenery.  We both felt very fortunate to have been able to see it.  I've read some reviews and they are all great.  If you get the chance, it's well worth the slightly-more-than- usual ticket price.

Than I drove Jackie home and stayed at hers overnight.  I don't much like driving in the dark so was glad to take up her invite.  We shared some wine and had a great chat before I went up to bed and I had a splendid night's sleep too, so you can see why I enjoyed the day so much.

Today it is back to normality again.  I have one holiday tuition session which is this afternoon so I need to get the planning done and the resources made.
I also want to do some washing, some gardening and maybe a bit of housework, although the cleaners are coming on Friday so I won't do much.

Should be a good day!

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