Friday 21 April 2017


Good morning!  A bit cold, a bit dull outside but nowhere near a frost so my fingers are thoroughly crossed for the next few days!

I was sitting and thinking, earlier, about garden plans and realised that, between us, we have quite a lot harvesting, growing or planned.
In the allotment we have or will have rhubarb, potatoes, apples, pears, plums (frosts permitting), French beans, mange tout, spring onions, baby corn, squash, courgette and leeks (there will be more but we have to clear the ground and make more plans).  We're thinking of starting a small asparagus bed at some point too.
In my garden I have plenty of herbs and will have salad leaves, carrots, radishes, loads of tomatoes of various kinds (sungold, montello and the unidentified Italian ones),  courgette, strawberries, tayberries (first year of fruiting so very exciting) and blueberries (it's flowering now so I am hoping for a few, even though it is just the first year).  There's not going to be a lot of most things but it's all very exciting!

There's no time for the allotment today but yesterday we spent another couple of hours there.  Beth finished planting the potatoes while I carried on with the in-depth weed clearing.  I finished the hardest strip (it had been well impacted and not forked over for a few years as well as all the weeds) and started another strip that was much easier and should go a lot quicker.
Not a large area but enough for me and Beth!

Then it was home, James, for lunch and tuition prep plus bread making.  I was very tired come the evening!

Today is all bustle getting ready for my visitors.  Luckily it is the day the cleaners come so I don't have to worry about that side of things, I just have to make sure surfaces are clear, etc.
I've got my meal plans and my shopping list, I have more bread to make and a rhubarb loaf, I have beds to make up and so on.

First stop in a kitchen tidy so I'd better get started or I'll never get it all done.  Have a satisfying day, whatever you have planned.


  1. You've both been very busy with doing a lot of 'green gym' at the allotment, must be getting really fit!
    Asparagus will be fab, I believe your area has sandy soil so I think that would be quite suitable for them as it drains well.

  2. Very achey, more like :-) I suppose it all helps.
    I'm afraid we are very clay-ey round here but I'm sure we could work the soil.
    J x