Thursday, 27 April 2017


Good morning!

Yesterday was somewhat of a hokey cokey day, especially with the washing.  Out-in-out-in . . . We had rain, we had hail, there was even a bit of snow mixed with the rain at one point.

Right now it is sunny and the sky is blue but - but - we've had quite a frost.  And who didn't cover the strawberries last night as she thought it was getting warmer?  AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!
They're covered now and fingers crossed.  They don't look as if they are damaged but there's not a lot I can do about it if they are, is there?  Not now.

For a lazy day, I got a fair bit done yesterday.  Three loads of washing, two of drying (intermittently) and one of ironing.  I shall give the last load a half an hour wash soon before making the most of the sunshine and pegging that out.  Then I shall iron the second load from yesterday before tackling the kitchen.

After that there were more birthday gifts (not great for the old weight loss but delicious, all the same) and I really enjoyed the tuition.  We're moving on fast now and it's so encouraging.

AND - my card finally arrived.  Nothing else yet, but I'm expecting some sort of explanation and if one isn't forthcoming or it isn't satisfactory, I shall be popping in a formal complaint.  On using my new card to check my bank account, I saw that the fraudulent payments have now been refunded - about time too!

I popped into Morrisons on the way back from tuition and, to my delight, saw that some of the bags of wonky spuds were King Edwards.  I love King Edwards potatoes so, of course, I bought a bag.  Jacket potatoes for tea and roasties on Sunday.  In fact, I shall prep some and freeze them so I have roasties available without any hassle!

There's a bit more planning to be done this morning and, looking at the carpet, I think I need to run my cleaner over it.  Then I'm off into school pm for Y2 reading.

I seem to either have a number of new readers or a few who are reading back over old posts.  Whichever it is, a warm welcome to you and please fee free to leave a comment.  Don't be put off if a tab opens to a dodgy place - just shut it down quick.  I have no idea why it does this, nothing whatsoever to do with me, very annoying and Blogger doesn't seem to care two hoots.  It doesn't always.

Well, the kettle has boiled so I'm off to make my first coffee of the day.  As I've been typing this, the frost has been melting fast.  Stay warm, have a lovely day and fingers crossed for the berries.


  1. Strawbs a pretty resilient. They ought to be okay. We've got a bitterly cold biting wind here with occasional showers. Jx

  2. You're right, they seem perfectly OK, thank goodness.
    J x