Tuesday 11 April 2017


Good morning, everyone.

It promises to be another simply gorgeous day today.  Bright sun and blue skies with a breeze.  Yesterday was just the same and working down the allotment was very pleasant indeed.  Not too hot, not too cold.  Just right.

The afternoon was more complicated as several things I had ordered arrived more or less at the same time.

Firstly, the arbour arrived.  It is semi flat packed and came on a pallet, wheeled to my front door.  The delivery chap just left it.  He refused to help me carry it in or to wheel it round to the back garden.  I was not best pleased.

Then, just as I was struggling with the first (and lightest) part, another delivery chap turned up, took one look at me and the boxes, asked 'Are you on your own, love?' and then carried the rest of the packs into the house for me, bless him.  I took in his delivery which wasn't even for me, it was for a neighbour who was out and set to cutting up the many bits of cardboard for the recycling bag.  Then another delivery, this time the last planter I have ordered.  And finally, a book!

I'm glad all my orders have come, but it did make for a busy afternoon!

Beth's coming here after allotment today and I am hoping she will help me put the arbour together.  It's a two person job, that's for sure.  By this evening, my garden should look different!

Today it is allotment, then, as mentioned, here to do some assembling.  Then, as I picked up the ericaceous soul yesterday, I'd like to get my blueberry planted on.

However, that might all change as yesterday there was a problem with fraudulent use of my debit card.  If my new card arrives today, I have to head back down to the bank to confirm which are my purchases and which are not.  It will more likely be tomorrow or Thursday, but I have to be ready to go.

What a day, eh?  Between allotment, deliveries and a long phone call with the fraud department (quite difficult because of my poor hearing), by evening I was shattered, went to bed just before eight and woke after four - so a great night's sleep!

Fingers crossed today is easier, eh?


  1. Goodness, what a mixed day you had. That kind driver deserves a medal as for the other one, words fail me. Did you have to dispose of the pallet too?

    Hope your new card arrives soon and you haven't lost anything out of your account. Very disruptive and worrying when this happens.

  2. Yes, it's still sitting outside my front door but Beth thinks we can make use of it down the allotment. Otherwise, I guess it's the dump! Yes, it was lovely of the other delivery chap - a real gentleman.
    It was a bit of a shock and I can see the fraudulent payments in my account now but I will sort it with the bank as soon as my card arrives - tomorrow, I hope.
    Today is much calmer.
    J x