Thursday 6 April 2017


Good morning.  It's yet another bright but not particularly warm morning - I know, I've been out moving soul from the boot to the back garden and granular salt into the garage.  The mower and strimmer are both now in the boot because . . . it's allotment morning!

Yesterday was nice.  Lots of gentle pottering and a tuition session.  It was a perfect drying day and I got all the whites dried and ironed too.

I've swallowed hard and ordered that arbour I was talking about last week.  I also have multiple planters and now need to acquire enough soil to fill them.  The trouble with getting bags of soil is that I can't lift most of them.  Even if I got help the shop end, I'd still have to move them from the boot and they're just too heavy, sadly!  So it's the smaller (more expensive) stuff for me.

I'm going to start with the two rectangular planters because it's time to get the carrots, salad leaves and radishes started.  It's also time to sow some tomato seeds although they will stay indoors for a while.

I'm really pleased that the tayberry that refused to die is still holding its own.  There's plenty of leaves that should lead to fruiting this year and there are two new shoots coming up that will be fruiting next year.  It's looking a bit ungainly at the moment but it is well and truly alive!  Three cheers.

You can see them clearly here.
Also the strawberries are looking extremely healthy and growing well.  It promises well for later on.

There's still over an hour before I need to set out for the allotment but I have some clothes to peg out and a breakfast to eat so I will say 'goodbye'.  Have a super day.

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