Saturday 15 April 2017


Good morning.  I'm awake very early (again) so am sitting up in bed, typing this on my laptop.  That probably means more typos that ever but never mind!  I think that, in a while, I will creep downstairs, make myself a coffee and bring it back up to enjoy in bed.  How's that for self indulgence, eh?

After a rush yesterday and a disappointment arriving by email, Beth and I spent a gentle morning de-weeding at the allotment.  I meant to mow the grass but left the battery for the mower on the charger so I couldn't.  Of course, it has rained overnight, so when I get back there to do it, it will be knee high again!

My beautiful redlove apple has forgiven me for moving it out of the garden and is laden with blossom.  It's a very beautiful little tree so I took some photos.  The biggest problem about the redlove is that it isn't self pollinating and that was a drawback in my garden.  In the allotment with apple trees all around it won't be an issue.

Oh, dear, just look at those weeds!  They're next on my list and, after the rain we're having, the ground should be easier to work.

All the fruit trees have had the ground underneath them cleared now (well done, Beth!).  The strip under the apple trees has been covered with membrane and then with bark chippings that are available for the allotment holders.  All we have to do is give the wheelbarrows some exercise!  Beth finished the ground under the pear and plum yesterday so next week, weather permitting, we will level that off and cover it in the same way.  That'll keep the weeds down and retain moisture in the soil as well as making a soft landing for fallen fruit.

She has also started digging up the potato patch.  We didn't dig up all of last year's spuds which have now started to sprout, so that's our seed potatoes for this year.  Excellent.

Once home again, I gave my own plants a good water, including the blueberry.  I shouldn't really as it is ericaceous, but I don't have a water butt so needs must.  I must follow up on something someone said about adding a touch of vinegar to the water.  How much, I wonder?  Do any of my readers know?  Anyway, at the moment, it looks happy enough, hasn't drooped at all or dropped any leaves.  There's about four 'sprays' of flowers so I should get one or two fruits, maybe more if I help it along with a soft brush!

My parents are spending time with me today.  I have no idea what we're doing, maybe not a lot, but that doesn't matter at all.  I'm also in the middle of reading Pride and Prejudice for the umpteenth time.  It's one of those books where I notice something new each time I read it and it's so amusing.

No time to be bored nowadays!

Well, better get that coffee and then I can carry on reading.  Have a lovely day, whatever you are doing, and I hope any rain doesn't get in your way.


  1. T'internet says the ratio is 250ml to 4.5 l (1 gallon) of water for acid loving plants.

    Have a lovely Easter!

  2. Brilliant, thanks very much indeed!
    J x