Monday 3 April 2017


Good morning, everyone.  At the start of a new week is is fine but a bit chilly.  I've just filled some pots with soil and have come in to warm up my hands.  Just don't look at my nails, OK?

Yesterday was one of those gently busy days.  I made bread, made soup, did some washing and pegged it out on the line, did a little bit of gardening, etc.

Lovely bread that tasted delicious!

I then drove round to B&M, the reason being that the chopped tomatoes I used for the soup came from there and the quality was lovely so I went to get some more as I wasn't sure if they were on special or not.  I am now well stocked up with chopped tomatoes, probably enough to last me until my own tomatoes come in!  I also saw some very cheap table cloths and got a couple.  The hems are not good but I can re-hem them if, after washing them, I think they need it, so that's not an issue.

Beth came round a bit later than originally planned but that was OK.  We chatted about this, that and the other, especially her holiday.  She brought over a few goodies for me - some posh chocolate (which didn't last long), some pastry flour from Caudwell's Mill in the Peaks, a posh Chatsworth Farm Shop bag and a carved owl for an early birthday gift.  Lovely!
She had a lovely time and I'm looking forward to seeing the photos in due course.

Today is another stay at home day, unless I choose to go out.  I don't have to and probably won't.  There's more washing to deal with and hang out (those tablecloths) and a garden that is still calling out to me.  I also rather fancy cutting out some more squares for my quilt cover that is going to be made from random disappearing nine squares.

I think it's going to be a great day!

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