Tuesday 25 April 2017


Good morning, everyone.

Well, what a lovely day yesterday.  Nothing noisy or rumbustious but plenty of gentle happiness.

First of all, I went into town to sort out the debit card thingy.  Suffice it to say, there had been a cock up their end and I am not particularly impressed.  However,I will wait until I get the letter from the appropriate department before deciding whether to make a formal complaint or not.  Everything has been sorted now by a very pleasant and helpful lad - yes, he was a lad, couldn't have been much older than Alex - who was extremely obliging and sorted out some cash for me without any hassles.

So I went to John Lewis and bought the little clock which is now sitting in my handbag ready for use.  I haven't tried the alarm - there's no way it would be loud enough for me to hear without my hearing aids, but I didn't buy it as an alarm clock!
Also the car got filled up - it was getting rather low!

Then it was home to a coffee before Beth and Jane whisked me off to the Hare for a rather delicious and complete lunch.  I was piggy and had a small Caesar salad with chicken and a side of chips (I love their chips) and then I had a dessert too, which I don't usually.  Lots of chat and chuckles made it a really nice time.

Beth came home with me and we chatted over coffee and shortly after she had gone there was a knock at the door and there was one of my pupils with a big bunch of flowers and a lovely card.  I was rather overwhelmed and might have shed a few tears as I said thank you.  Wasn't that lovely?

I now have three vases of flowers brightening up the living room.  I do love getting flowers.

Evening was quiet but I was pleased to get a stack of ironing done.  Yes, I know, not really a birthday thing, but I do love an empty ironing basket and I have more washing/drying for today so wanted to get it all sorted.

Today is mostly quiet.  As well a s the aforementioned washing, etc, I want to get the tuition planning done and Beth will be round for lunch, after which I shall be doing my granny help thing with Foundation Stage.
I've already done my weekly sourdough feed and made my weekly things with the discard - crumpets this time rather than pikelets.  The kitchen is still pretty tidy after having Mum and Dad to stay over the weekend so there's not much to do in there, just emptying the bin really.

We had a frost this morning.  Just before the sun came up, there was nothing - I checked because of the strawberries.  As the sun rose, so did the frost - you could almost see it increasing.  I threw a fleece over the plants so they should be OK and it's nearly all gone now.  It was interesting to watch it.  Further north they have had snow but, judging by the clear blue skies here, it's going to stay away.  Good!

Finally, thank you very much for your birthday greetings yesterday, either in here or in Facebook.  Rosemary - what you said was lovely and really encouraging - many thanks.

Well, it's time for another coffee and then I must hang out the first lot of washing and then have my bath and get dressed.  Have a good day, one and all, and stay warm.

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