Sunday 9 April 2017


Good morning, everyone.  Wasn't yesterday a beautiful day?  Warm and sunny after the early morning mist had burned off.

My sleep patterns were still a bit wonky and by 3:00 I was up and doing which was daft.  By 6:00 I was feeling sleepy again so I managed to get a bit more shut-eye.

As agreed with Beth, I went garden shopping, bought seeds and tools and generally enjoyed myself.  I met her at the allotment and we but in a good three hours or so of hard work before deciding enough was enough and parting company.

The bit with the two trees is now covered with plastic and bark chippings which should keep the weeds away and, if any do dare appear, we will use < whispers > weed killer.
We've also cleared more of the weeds from where we intend to grow stuff.  The plans are for mange tout, French beans, yellow courgettes, butternut squash (lovely) and, this year, some sweet peas to add colour.  Oh, and potatoes!
Not a huge variation, I know, but quite a lot if the growing space is still under cover and, with the apples, pears, plums and rhubarb, should give us quite a lot.

Once home, I drank rather a lot of water. I was so thirsty and realised that I hadn't sipped any of the water I took with me so was probably a bit dehydrated.  A lesson learned, I think.

I had several sleeps, read, watched a bit of telly and generally took life easy until an early bedtime as I reckoned if I was going to fall asleep at eight, it may as well be in bed!   Apart from a bit of waking at one, I slept right through until just before five - normal for me and a relief after two days of waking at stupid o'clock.  Not the sort of pattern I want to encourage really!.

Today is not an allotment day and I have planned to work through the list of things I want to get done in my own garden before sitting out with a drink and a good book.  In other words, a lazy day!

Have a good day too and I hope you enjoy any sunshine you may have.


  1. Sounds like a full on busy day yesterday! You deserve a lazy day today. It was so nice to have proper warmth yesterday and to sit out and enjoy a cup of coffee. Think it's set for the same here today. Might venture out for a stroll somewhere after the HG has watched the F1!

  2. It's supposed to be even warmer today which is great. I am looking forward to sitting out with a coffee (or a glass of wine, maybe!). Oh, these spoilt and idle pensioners! :-)
    J x