Saturday 8 April 2017


Still ouchy but the satisfaction over-rides the ouchiness.
Re the allotment trees - not a cherry as I said yesterday, it's a plum, a victoria plum which I am pleased about!  So that's two apples, a pear and a plum!  Nice!

Having cleared that up - good morning, everyone.

A good time was had down the allotment yesterday.  It's in a dreadful state so is going to take some time to get sorted but a mouthful at a time should get the whole thing eaten sooner or later.  We finished the first strip which is going to be covered with plastic for now and then covered with bark chippings (available at the allotment).
We got the grass mown at a lower setting - there's so many weeds in the grass we have to keep it mown regularly to stop them coming up so it's the first thing I do every time
I went back home because we needed a rake and there wasn't one.  I looked in the shed.  no rake.  I tried to look in the garage but guess where the key was.  In my handbag.  Where was my handbag?  At the allotment.  Doh!
The raking will be done today!

After the allotment it was home, James, to some delicious soup and a good rest.

Later on, I am setting off for B&Q because, when we got home, Beth and I made a list of the things we need over the next few months and I will be meeting her at the allotment with all those things bought (I hope!) later on this morning.

The little pear tree

The redlove apple tree

Proof!  This was knee high in weeds on Thursday morning!
After that it's a usual Saturday.  Bit of washing, drying and ironing, tidying up the kitchen and so on.  It's supposed to be pretty warm so I'm hoping it'll be warm enough to sit out in the garden for a while today and again tomorrow.  I gather it might get chilly again on Monday.

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